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Phone / WhatsApp / WeChat

+1 604.727.2128


温哥華地產 | 新盤樓花 | 二手買賣
Real Estate Service Request Form

如果你有賣樓需求,這張表格可能不適合你,請直接聯絡Simon告知 (+1 604.727.2128)

This form is for buying purposes mainly. If you're looking to sell please contact me directly.


我有興趣的樓花項目 I'm interested in the below Presale properties
常用的聯絡方式 Preferred Contact
喜好語言 Preferred Language
我感興趣的物業類型 I'm interested in the below Type of Property
理想地區 Ideal Locations


Thank you for your submission, I will reach out as soon as possible!

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